Eggs from Free-Roaming, Pastured Hens

Our chickens enjoy a beautiful and peaceful setting and happily co-exist with our milk cows and other farm animals.  During the day they have free access to pasture and at night they are comfortably housed, safe from predators.  They live off forage, sprouts and soy-free organic feed and are given no hormones or unnecessary medication.

First and foremost, we want our chickens and all our animals to have the happiest and healthiest life we can provide.   We are a family owned and operated business with the basic philosophy that placing animal welfare first is good economics and that the highest quality food will come from robust breeds living out their lives in a natural environment and social groups.

Our chickens are a mixture of hardy breeds that lay very large eggs ranging in color from pink to tan to dark brown. Our breeds include Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Maran, Welsummer, Astralorp, and Buff Orpington.

Our flock of about 1250 chickens spends the daylight hours free to explore the farm and eat insects and other chicken treats.   At night they return to one of our secure open-air shelters where they roost until dawn, safe from nocturnal predators.  Thanks to our mild climate these shelters are perfect for keeping them cozy in winter and cool and comfortable through the summer months.

We have three specially designed shady and comfortable chicken yards with more under development.  Each of these includes a perimeter fence which allows the chickens to eat and drink during the day with easy access to nesting boxes where they can lay in comfort and seclusion..  Chicken-sized access gates allow the chickens enjoy the pastures and the company of other farm animals.  The yards also include space for mobile housing for maturing pullets. Our chicks are brooded for their first two weeks in the barn. Once they are fully fledged they move out onto pasture in special yards before being integrated with the adult flock.

We supplement the food they scratch and forage around the farm with non-gmo, soy-free feed, sprouted barley fodder, milk, as well as fruits and vegetables.  Our chicks are given green forage access from early days and also fed high protein organic poultry starter. We avoid systematic treatments for our chickens and if any medical problem arises the chicken in question is immediately separated and kept in alternative shelter until it returns to health.

Long Dream Farm is registered as an Egg Handler with the state of California.  Our eggs are currently available on farm, and are served at a number of local restaurants.  Please contact us for availability.

Current retail locations include:

Auburn Nutrition Center, Auburn

Gaia’s Basket,  Auburn

Sunrise Natural Foods, Roseville

Our eggs are also distributed by Produce Express to local restaurants, food services and stores.