About Our Cattle

Our focus is on breeding multi-purpose, robust and intelligent cattle that are suited for outdoors life on rough terrain, thrive on varied forage, and produce enough high fat milk to raise a calf and provide excess milk for our dairy.  Our main breeds are Scottish Highland, Dutch Belted and Irish Dexter; these are breeds that have become endangered as they don’t fit cleanly into the overspecialized world of modern commercial dairy and beef production.  Fortunately they are all seeing a resurgence as interest has grown from homesteaders and grass-centric feeding systems.

Each year we have available a certain number of steer and heifer calves for sale.   Many of these are pure-bred but we also have been developing crosses that combine the most desirable characteristics for our dairy system. Any calves we sell will be tame and used to human contact. They will generally be 10 months of age or older unless sold with their mother. We intend the animals we sell to be used as pets or lawnmowers; we do not sell feeders. Under special circumstances and contractual conditions we sell breeding stock but please inquire directly to discuss.

A new program we are developing is to lease fresh milk cows with their calves. Generally the term of the rent will be 15-18mo.

Please contact us for more information

We request that potential purchasers provide information as to:

— their pastures, size and cross fencing
– what grass and forage they have on their property
– water availability, irrigation & stock tanks
– how often they will be checking on the cattle
– their experience with cattle health issues
– access to a large animal vet

We also require that purchasers sign an animal welfare agreement which is available upon request.