Long Dream Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in the sunny Sierra-Nevada foothills of Placer County, California, north of the town of Lincoln. Our main activities are pastured egg production, a dairy producing milk products from heritage breed cattle, and a farmstay which allows people from all over to get a first-hand look at food production which puts animal welfare and happiness before other priorities. Our animals live outside, on pasture year-round. We are proud to be certified by Animal Welfare Approved for our practices. In addition to the cows and chickens, we have a variety of other farm animals including emus, pigs, ducks, alpacas, donkeys, guinea fowl, dogs, cats and an Icelandic Horse for visitors to enjoy… The farm also has 6 well-occupied human inhabitants.

Our Activities

A dairy and creamery producing cheese and butter where animal welfare and happiness the highest priority

Breeding heritage cattle, including Scottish Highlands, Dutch Belts and Dexters and crosses thereof

Overnight stays and educational outreach on the farm

Eggs from pastured, free-ranging hens who are free to forage all day long

Training backyard milk cows and oxen for small farms